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Blue Light (Photodynamic Therapy)

Levulan (Aminolevulinic acid 20%) is a naturally occurring light-sensitizing agent, approved by the FDA to treat pre-cancerous lesions called actinic keratosis (AKS) on the face and body. Although the FDA approved indication for Blue Light therapy is for the treatment of pre-cancerous lesions, research has shown that this procedure improves the quality of the skin by promoting collagen production and is thus helpful in treating other skin conditions as well.

Medical indications of Blue Light Therapy include:

  • Reducing treating precancerous sun damaged skin lesions
  • Targeting and treating precancerous skin lesions not yet visible to the naked eye
  • Treating larger areas of sun damage and precancers on the skin 
  • For best skin cancer reduction and prevention, 2 treatments (approximately 4-6 weeks apart), are indicated yearly

Other benefits of Blue Light Therapy includes:

  • Improving aging/sun damaged skin 
  • Improving fine lines and blotchy pigmentation
  • Improving acne/rosacea
  • Reducing the size facial oil glands (sebaceous hyperplasia)
  • Decreasing the oiliness of the skin
  • Improving the texture and smoothness of the skin by minimizing the appearance of pore size.